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Here we offer the award winning Doi Chaang single estate coffee and a range of cafe food and bakery goods + a few home grown favorites.

Why Phuket’s Thai Cuisine

Phuket has the greatest diversity of cuisine influences outside of Bangkok. The islands long history as an international trading port has led to a rich mix of cultures amongst the islands inhabitants. The province has its own styles of preparation and cooking which has been influenced by early Malayan and Indian settlers. Khanom Jeen is a popular breakfast dish of noodles with vegetables and a spicy curry sauce.Nam Phrik Kung Siap is an infusion of smoked shrimps and dried chillis. Another notable dish is Kway Tiao Reua (also known as boat soup). This dish is made from a stewed buffalo meat and broth. The locals like to add a small amount of fresh buffalo blood to enhance the flavour. Why is it called ‘boat soup’ ? well, traditionally it was made and served from a longtail boat.

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