Phuket: the info

A few pointers on enjoying your stay in Phuket. Remember if you have any questions, about anything at all, just ask us: via email or in person at the Pier 42 front desk.

The Island

Aerial Chalong

Phuket (formerly known as ‘Talang’) started out as a tin ore and rubber production base more than a century ago. It became a major trading route between India and China, and was frequently mentioned in the ships logs of English, French, Dutch and Portuguese traders. The island was fought over by clan after clan but that eventually changed and Phuket is now a trendy cosmopolitan holiday location. The rich and famous with multi-million dollar villas, yachts and Marinas rub shoulders with the more down to earth of us exploring the “Pearl of the Andaman”

The azure Andaman sea, stunning sunsets, and easy accessibility from all over the world has meant style keeps coming to Phuket, with cool places to visit, restaurants, shopping and leisure pleasures all over the island, which luckily enough is large enough to offer innumerable hideaway beaches to top up that tan.

Weather is predictable, the selection of foods is exhaustive, shopping to suit all budgets, and hundreds of activities from extreme to completely relaxed…what more do you need from a vacation?

Helpful Hints

Wining and Dining


Phuket has the laid back, chilled beach vibe down – the guest at the bar next to you in the cut offs is a likely to be a billionaire prince as a pauper, and all locations will be within most budgets. Whilst the Michelin boys haven’t got here yet, Floyd is, and Ramsey visits. There is everything from trad. Thai to funky med, served by the roadside, by the beach or on sunset decks with silver service.

For local recommendations, as always, chat to the front desk @ Pier 42 but start with a cocktail & snack at our own Pier 42 Cafe out front of Pier 42 before heading out on a culinary journey.

For hip and funky Thai, head to LIMS, a shiny, concrete box of modern art with a great little garden and terrace, this family run location is always friendly and has welcomed the rich and famous.

There’s a 1000 and 1 Italians who have made Phuket their home, but Da Maurizio has a fantastic sunset location and table treats.

And you’ve really not done debauched Phuket without a night out in Patong, take in the party streets and questionable bars before ending up at Ka Jok See and the party scene with late-night dancing boys who would be girls !

Come back home to Pier 42 and spend the next day chilling by the pool and let the ladies at Siam Organic Spa massage away those late night dancing injuries.

Retail Therapy


There’s plenty to buy and some great things to be had. Location wise though avoid Patong unless it’s misspelt copies and dodgy T shirts that you are after

The front desk crew can advise on locations to find what you are after and even arrange you a car and driver, but for those that wish to explore themselves, most of Thailand’s locally produced gems have found their way to Phuket. So set your Iphone to Goggle maps and off you go

There's fabulous ceramic and terracotta pots for your terrace at home, hand-beaten natty polished stainless steel contemporary cutlery, bowls and trenchers at The Handmade, and they will even make custom pieces, so that hand beaten nickel bath for your Hong Kong terrace can be yours . Surin Plaza is the Hi-So mini-mall on the island where you’ll find the joys of Galleria Aleenta for an eclectic mixed bag of stuff and other retail bargains. If your purchase will not fit into the hold for the flight home then most places can arrange shipping, or bring the details back to Pier 42 and we are happy to help.

We say it never hurts to ask, we always do. so it’s always worth a little bargaining when it comes to retail purchases, although obviously it depends on where you are buying from.

After a hard morning out on the retail trail come back and have a reflexology massage on those tired feet @ Siam Organic Spa

To do and see?


Hmmm….where do we start…..

…Miles of deserted sandy beaches for picnicking, yachts and speedboats for hire, sea canoeing, deep sea fishing, snorkelling trips, white-water rafting, mountain biking, riding, tennis, Thai cooking or take to the skies in a private helicopter.

Email us for options or chat to the front desk when you are here.

Of course not to forget our specialty: scuba diving, either with a private dive concierge on the Pier 42 speedboat “naughty girl” or with one of the many great operators for a day trip or live aboard adventure. Drop into the Ocean Store and get the lowdown on the conditions and the current dive hot spots.

A few Thai phrases to get you started…

Sa wah dee (krap) (male) / (kaa) (female): Hello or goodbye

Kop koon mak (krap) (male) / (kaa) (female): Thank you very much

My ow (krap) (male) / (kaa) (female): No thanks,

My pet (krap) (male) / (kaa) (female): Not Hot (avoid those eye watering chilli moments)

La car, tao rai ? (krap) (male) / (kaa) (female): What is the price ?

Rawai Beach

Just south from Chalong Bay is Rawai Beach. It was originally discovered by King Rama VII in the 1920’s and has become favourite spot for locals to have picnics. The restaurants that line the beach are a perfect for finding the fresh catch of the day. For those looking to hire a traditional long tail boat to the local island Rawai beach is a good place to start.

Karon Beach

Karon beach on the West of Phuket Island and is the second largest beach. The white sands stretch for 3 miles so there’s always plenty of space for your towel. At the southern end of the beach the coral life is exceptional and ideal for snorkelling. The area is also much loved for its shopping bazaars and relaxed night scene. Turtles are also known to make this beach a nesting ground.

Nai Harn Beach

Is a secluded, quiet and tranquil beach close to Rawai Beach on the southernmost tip of the island. The beach is popular with the ‘in the know’ local population and is less visited by tourists. The waters are ideal for swimming and you can even discover local hidden treasures such as Nui and Ya Nui beaches.

Kata Beach

Is a well known beach on the South Western side of Phuket. The crisp white sands and azure blue waters attract sun lovers from all over the world, but is still quieter than Patong and Karon beaches. When the wet season begins the sun worshippers are replaced by surfers and water sport enthusiasts.

Local Cultural Events

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